Diana McCaulay – 13th Presenter of CIN Lecture Series

Diana McCaulay, CEO of Jamaica Environmental Trust, was the 13th speaker of the Caribbean International Network (CIN) Lecture Series in 2017. She presented the topic, “climate change is a justice issue”.

During her enlightening presentation in New York, Diana emphasized that climate change is an existential threat to the Caribbean.

McCaulay’s stimulating presentation about The State of The Rock was well received by a large audience at the Schomburg Center in New York. The environmental activist received a standing ovation after outlining several overwhelming issues facing the Jamaican environment and the wider Caribbean – sewage, solid waste, beach erosion, coral reefs, and climate change – and how the diaspora should let their voices be heard when it comes to preserving our natural assets.

CIN continues to educate and entertain by presenting activists such as McCaulay at the CIN Lecture in New York and bringing compelling Caribbean content on CIN TV.

Bruce Golding – 9th Lecture Series Speaker

Hon. Bruce Golding, former Prime Minister of Jamaica was the speaker at CIN’s 9th Lecture Series in 2013 under the theme, “Jamaica’s Challenges, Opportunities, and Imperatives”. 


Douglas Orane – 8th Lecture Series Speaker

Hon. Orane Douglas, chairman of Grace Kennedy LTD was the speaker at CIN’s 8th Lecture Series in 2012 under the theme, The Key to Prosperity in Jamaica. He argued that creating prosperity in Jamaica is “very doable” and has been demonstrated in recent times, by many enterprising individuals and companies – despite a half-century of declining productivity and a trio of serious “binding constraints” affecting the country.

Ronald Thwaites -10th Lecture Series Speaker

Rev. Ronald Thwaites was the 7th CIN lecture series speaker in 2010. He presented on the topic, The Agony of Change and the Prospects of a New Beginning in Middle Aged Jamaica. 


Lowell Hawthorn – Lecture Series Speaker in 2008

CEO of Caribbean International Network, Stephen Hill, and the late CEO of Golden Krust, Lowell Hawthorne

The late Lowell Hawthorne,  Founder/President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill in New York, was the speaker of CIN’s 5th Lecture Series. He spoke on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship – the Key to Unlocking Financial Wealth’. 

Today we pay tribute to an excellent leader whose company has advertised numerous times on the Caribbean International Network (CIN). His legacy continues to live on and has expanded its numbers to over 100 restaurants in the US and Canada. 



Professor Rex Nettleford – Speaker at CIN’s second Lecture series

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Professor Rex Nettleford, was the speaker at CIN’s second Lecture series. Professor Nettleford, one of Jamaica’s prominent intellectuals, spoke on the theme: ‘The Caribbean Diversity: A Defining Point in the History of the Americas’. 

CIN’s First lecture Series

Did you know that the first CIN lecture series was done in 2004 in New York by CEO, Stephen Hill’s own  brother Robert Hill. This was no surprise as Robert Hill is a Marcus Garvey scholar. According to Stephen Hill, “It was appropriate because Garvey made his home in Harlem”. 


Shaw Set For 2019 CIN Lecture In New York

The Honourable Audley Shaw Minister of Trade, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce

Audley Shaw, Jamaica’s minister of industry, commerce, agriculture, and fisheries, will this year take the stage at New York’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture to tackle the theme ‘The Search for Green Gold … Marijuana’.

Shaw will be the guest speaker at the annual Caribbean International Network (CIN) Lecture on October 16.

As the nation’s minister with responsibility for trade, Shaw has a focus on creating new markets domestically and abroad.

In speaking about the rapidly evolving demand for marijuana, he recently said: “Jamaica is uniquely positioned to be a global player and we are committed to providing the leadership and resources required for opening the international markets, including Canada and Europe, for our licensed and regulated Jamaican companies.”

“Though ganja may be an appealing revenue source, Jamaica may find, as have American states, such commerce raises thorny societal issues such as who benefits from the revenue and how to address those who were incarcerated for selling a product that becomes regulated by the government,” read a release from CIN.

“This year’s presentation by Mr Shaw will be eagerly anticipated.”

Stephen Hill, CEO of CIN, said the lecture series has been an annual showcase of the Caribbean region’s best and brightest thinkers, entrepreneurs, statesmen, artists, and three former prime ministers.

“These renowned individuals have presented challenging and eye-opening talks before a large and engaging audience. Continuing in that tradition, this year’s topic is both timely and controversial,” said Hill.

Each year, the presentation is broadcast on CIN TV reaching more than two million Caribbean-Americans in New York. The presentation will also be streamed live for worldwide audiences.


Jamaica’s Newest Medical Ganja Dispensary Opened Last Week

With the debate still going on over  whether or not marijuana use should become legalized, medical dispensaries are taking full advantage of the decriminalization status of the herb. 

Itopia Life is the newest medical ganja dispensary in Jamaica, joining others on the market such as Kaya and Island Strains. It is now the fourth medical dispensary island wide and the second to open in Kingston.

Company President Joan ‘Nanook’ Webley, states that the company’s mission encompasses a lot more than providing access to premium medical ganja. 

Stay in tune for more marijuana related topics as we await CIN’s Annual Lecture Series on October 16 at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, where Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Minister Audley Shaw will discuss the theme ‘The Search for Green Gold … Marijuana’ 


Mark Shields to present 2018 CIN Lecture in New York

Jamaica’s Crime Monster…Can it be Tamed?


Mark Shields, former Deputy Commissioner of Police in Jamaica and former Detective Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard will present at the 14th Annual CIN Lecture Series on the topic “Jamaica’s Crime Monster…Can it be tamed?” on Wednesday October 24. The lecture will be held at its resident location in New York- the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and will commence at 7pm.

Crime continues to plague the Jamaican society as statistics obtained from the Jamaica Gleaner show that in 2017 Jamaica recorded one of the highest crime rates in the world with more than 1600 murders for a homicide rate of approximately 60 per 100,000 population. Without the necessary strategy the crime cycle continues, resulting in negative social and economic effects. Undoubtedly crime is a monster that needs to be tamed.

With his experience, Shields has earned his right to lead this discussion on crime and also to make possible suggestions for ‘taming the monster.’ In February 2018, Mark Shields suggested a ten (10) point plan to the next Commissioner of Police of Jamaica. Point eight (8) states that DNA samples of criminals should be taken so as to easily identify an offender, it reads:   Take every opportunity to link criminals to their crimes by using DNA evidence. Make the results of this work public so that criminals see that they can no longer hide.”

Jamaica’s crime monster must be tamed and the CIN Lecture Series which is a vehicle for discourse, continues to highlight serious issues with the intent of yielding success. Each year 600 persons attend the CIN Lecture, so come out and be a part of an audience that will witness Mark Shields give an honest assessment of the government’s plans to solve crime in Jamaica. He will give you a scintillating presentation, highlighting whether the government’s action plan is good, bad or rubbish.

For further information on the CIN Lecture Series, contact CIN at (876) 906-0432, (347) 448-4345 or email: mail@cintvjamaica.com. You can also visit our website athttp://cintvjamaica.com.