Diana McCaulay, CEO of Jamaica Environmental Trust, was the 13th speaker of the Caribbean International Network (CIN) Lecture Series in 2017. She presented the topic, “climate change is a justice issue”.

During her enlightening presentation in New York, Diana emphasized that climate change is an existential threat to the Caribbean.

McCaulay’s stimulating presentation about The State of The Rock was well received by a large audience at the Schomburg Center in New York. The environmental activist received a standing ovation after outlining several overwhelming issues facing the Jamaican environment and the wider Caribbean – sewage, solid waste, beach erosion, coral reefs, and climate change – and how the diaspora should let their voices be heard when it comes to preserving our natural assets.

CIN continues to educate and entertain by presenting activists such as McCaulay at the CIN Lecture in New York and bringing compelling Caribbean content on CIN TV.