Kingston, Jamaica, November 2 –   On Thursday, October 29, GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby delivered the 11th Annual CIN Lecture Series at the Schomburg Centre in Harlem, New York, to a receptive audience who showed their appreciation for his presentation through a standing ovation and rousing applause at the end of his lecture. The lecture, entitled “Jamaica to the World, the GraceKennedy Story,” traced the company’s roots, and gave the attendees a taste of what to expect from the company moving forward.

Mr Wehby started his presentation by lauding Brand Jamaica’s value on the world stage in areas including music, sports and international affairs. He opined that Jamaica had not successfully converted its brand strength into growth for the economy. “As a result of our anaemic economic growth, people still doubt whether or not Jamaican firms can enter international markets and compete effectively with firms there. Today, I will share the story of a Jamaican born and locally managed corporate entity that has and is destroying that perceived myth daily,” he said, alluding to GraceKennedy.

Mr Wehby went on to speak to the contribution of the former Chairmen and CEOs of GraceKennedy, starting with founding fathers Dr John Grace and Fred W Kennedy, along with Accountant James Moss Solomon Snr,