June 18, 2019

Crisan Evans

David Graham Nyammings Director

David Graham, producer of “Nyammings’ is the dynamic force behind the TV show. “Nyammings” is one of Jamaica’s most rooted shows that is also popular in the United States of America. David Graham shared his personal views with CIN about the last season and gave us a peek into what is to come.

He said the show’s last episode was a successful one and he is already looking forward to the 10th season.

Host of Nyammings: Kristal Tomlinson

Graham said this season will be based on the theme, “Forward into Roots”. The content will be based on old school and what he calls “next to the river”.

He said there will be a charitable arm of this season called “Nyammings Salute”. It will feature Tiffany Thomas who has Cerebral Palsy. This will be a one hour documentary. For this segment of the show he will be partnering with Food for the poor Jamaica.    

David Graham reminisced on the show’s last season.  He said viewers liked the fact that most of the content was based on Jamaica’s grassroots. He said they had a chance to go different places in Jamaica which ensured variety and the showcasing of Jamaica’s beauty. 

Graham said the main motivation behind the content produced is the audiences’ satisfaction. Most ideas for the show comes from people calling in and research done. He said person are sometimes chosen based on the theme being aired for different episodes.