CINTV continues to be the “Genuine voice of the Caribbean” bringing the best in television to the Caribbean-Americans living in New York on Ch.73 and Verizon Fios Ch.26. CIN is the number one Caribbean channel in the New York Metropolitan area reaching 18.9 million people. CIN’s exciting new content for 2017 features Hill an’ Gully Ride, one of Jamaica’s favourite and longest running programmes and returns after a 10 year break!

Paul Beale and Dahlia Harris, award winning Jamaican Playwrights, stir things up with two new drama series in prime time entitled Domino Effect and Ring Games, respectively. Both Paul and Dahlia will keep the New York audience to their television with their riveting new series. Viewers can also expect more hilarious comedies from Paul Beale each week, such as Granny Rule 2, Den Den Come to Town and Wifey Run Tings! The Diaspora cannot get enough side- splitting comedy out of Jamaica from CIN.

Nyammings, Jamaica’s favourite cooking show, takes over New York as the beautiful Krystal hosts some of New York’s top Caribbean chefs who will prepare sumptuous Caribbean dishes for the large New York audience. The famous Jamaican celebrity Chef Patrick Simpson of BB King Blues Club will host Nyammings at their venue in the heart of Times Square, and also the Executive Chef of Golden Krust will prepare mouth-watering Jamaican dishes in Queens.

Following Nyammings, ‘Island Eats’ will premiere on CIN as the producers take the audience on a journey across Jamaica to discover charming quaint restaurants located off the beaten path…a sure fire hit.

CIN, with its emphasis on local New York content will mid-year present Come Chat Wid Mi, a New York entertainment magazine that will highlight weekly all that is new in entertainment in the Caribbean-American community, such as interviews with artistes, music videos, fashion shows, culture and our delectable Caribbean cuisines. This programme along with Di Riddim Sweet, one of CIN’s most popular programme also produced in New York, will capture the heartbeat of Caribbean culture in the New York area.

These exciting programmes create an avalanche of Jamaican content for the Diaspora, Americans and other ethnic groups who watch CIN because of their desire to see unique and compelling content from Jamaica…millions of people see Jamaica through the lens of CINTV.