Ben E. King - Stand By Me (The SoulClub Remix) | Mario Marques
Ben E. King featured in Journey to the Past

The Caribbean International Network (CIN TV) will be airing Journey to the Past on Sunday at 6 pm on Ch 73 and Verizon Fios Ch 26.

Journey to the Past is a one hour programme which documents some of the most exciting happenings in Jamaica, featuring news, sports, entertainment, music and the culture that was unfolding at the time. 

Producer of Journey to the Past, Louis Mclean stated, ” I am elated Journey to the Past is going to be shown on CIN TV. The programme is really designed to inform, educate, and entertain. It depicts highlights of Jamaican culture and is therefore great for family viewership”.

Mclean explained that the show has been repeated many times on Television Jamaica (TVJ)  and has been the favourite of many Jamaicans. He said he has received tremendous feedbacks and he believes the Caribbean diaspora in New York will also find the programme appealing. 

Executive Director of the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green stated, “It is an excellent production. I hope it will be done for decades and the series could have a great diasporic appeal”. 

Similarly, producer of Entertainment Report, Anthony Miller said, “I’m probably the biggest fan of the show”. 

Reflecting on Marcus Garvey’s statement, “a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without root”, McLean explained that audience of all ages can enjoy the programme as older folks get a sense of nostalgia while being entertained, and younger viewers are intrigued, informed, educated and entertained. He said the programme can also be useful for scholars and educational institutes as it acts as a source of cultural reference.  

McLean  explained that producing the programme has not been easy as it involves a lot of research and editing and it is hard to find good quality archived footage to compliment the narrative of the programme. 

He however stated, “I will continue to produce Journey to the Past as long as I am physically and mentally able to do so. Besides it keeps me active during the COVID-19 pandemic”.