As usual CIN TV presents to the Caribbean diaspora in New York the hottest Caribbean hit and this time we feature Oliver Samuel’s popular romantic comedy, Eve.  The play starts this Sunday at 7:30 pm, a perfect time to relax and have a good laugh with the family. Eve is the kind of play you would want to watch over and over again.

The story features none other than the king of comedy, Oliver Samuels, who plays the role of Mass Justin who is a rich returned resident. After spending many years in England and losing a leg, Mass Justin returns to Jamaica with a lot of pounds sterling he received as settlement for the loss of his leg. With this wealth Mass Justin intends to get everything he ever wanted and that includes Eve, a long-time friend who he has loved for a very long time.

Eve is, however, playing “hard to get” and Mass Justin is determined and will not give up. All hell breaks loose when Eve’s long lost baby father Solomon (played by Volier Johnson) returns from prison. He has intentions of getting back Eve but finds a one-foot man in his way. Can you imagine Mass Justin’s surprise when he finds out he is competing with an ex-convict for the woman he is madly in love with?