Ziggie Bless interviewing (from right) Karl Frantz Williams and Michael Blake

The New York “Come Chat Wid Mi” crew were among those who celebrated Rum week presented by New York Rum Week Festival on Friday, June 14th. The Rum festival was held at the Oster Center. The session was geared towards investigating rums’ rich traditions and a wide range of flavours. The grand tasting began on Saturday, June 15th at the Metropolitan West Exposition Hall in mid-town Manhattan.  

Gladys Caribbean Beverage director: Shannon Mustipher.                                       

Come Chat Wid Mi” host, Ziggie bless was able to interview Gladys Caribbean Beverage director, Shannon Mustipher. She said she is excited about the grand tasting as it allows persons to, in her words, hang out and reunite while enjoying the moment.


A mixture of European and French by Chef Mike

Ziggie Bless also visited Chef Mike’s kitchen who presented what he called a fusion of European and French foods. This was drawn from an Italian menu with Caribbean spices and vegetables. He said for the Rum Festival they are trying to mix rum Caribbean culture in Harlem and it will include many surprises.

Ziggie Bless also interviewed co-owner and mixologist at Solomon and Kuff, Karl Frantz Williams. He expressed his appreciation for his experience in the cocktail world.

Meanwhile, Michael Blake said the rum festival is an opportunity to celebrate the poor entrepreneurs who are doing the right thing. He expressed his gratitude for the “Com Chat Wid Mi” interview as it is, as he said, a way for people to see how they can support people of colour while giving back to their own.