Former Hostess of Nyammings, Khrystal Tomlinson


Krystal Tomlinson all the way was the catchphrase after her nomination as the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for St Andrew West Rural.

She was accompanied to the nomination centre at the Stony Hill HEART Academy by two party bigwigs, vice president Damion Crawford and Senator Sophia Fraser-Binns.

After being nominated, she exited the building in a celebratory mood.

Tomlinson, who is seeking a first-term in representational politics, said she is confident of victory for the PNP.

“I feel the love and respect from the west rural family. I know they are looking for a MP who respects them and who honours their votes,” she said.

“We are sure the people will deliver a victory for us,” she added.

Her spouse popular entertainer Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, is already declaring her victory.

“Krystal 100 per cent. The people really need a good MP to love them and to take care of their well-being and Krystal is the one,” he said.

She is going up against incumbent candidate the Jamaica Labour Party’s Juliet Cuthbert Flynn who won the seat by more than 3,000 votes in the 2016 general election.

Tomlinson believes she has the necessary support in the constituency to bag a win.


Source: The Jamaica Gleaner