The 13th Annual CIN Lecture, recently held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, featured Diana McCaulay, outgoing CEO of the Jamaica Environment Trust. At the widely anticipated event, Ms McCaulay addressed the Jamaican diaspora about the history of environmental policy in Jamaica, her perspective on our progress to date, and provided thoughts on the demands of our country’s future.

The attendees, who often have few outlets for engagement on topics critical to our country, were not only enlightened and inspired by Ms McCaulay’s remarks, but participated in a lively Q&A session following the remarks, airing insightful thoughts of their own.

Such is the value of events like the CIN Lecture, which, for the past 13 years, has featured various Caribbean leaders addressing key topics affecting our nation and region, helping to maintain and strengthen the important connection between the Jamaican diaspora and needs of our country.

The event also exemplifies the value of CIN to the diaspora, serving as its primary source of Jamaican television news and programming. Keeping the Jamaican diaspora informed and engaged in the issues affecting Jamaica is critical to maintaining Jamaica’s access to the talents and resources of this important group of Jamaicans and persons with Jamaican heritage. I applaud CIN for its commitment to meeting this need.


President, Jamaica Impact, Inc

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