YS Falls

Located on the South end of Jamaica, St. Elizabeth, is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful scenery, YS Falls. The fall is perched on a working cattle ranch and thoroughbred horse farm. There are approximately seven falls on the land, most of which cascade into pools. Though cold, its water is refreshing. The fall’s scenery is a unique beauty and is the favourite place of many nature lovers. On entering the falls property one would be astounded by its beautiful mountain views, lush fields with horses and the calming sound of the gorgeous river. A tractor is used as transportation to this beautiful scene with tour guides who are happy to take as many pictures as one would like. You can also exploit the full usage of zip lines and ropes to add fun to your adventure. In addition to this, there is the climbing of the fall and if you’re too scared to climb the rocks, there are ladders that you can take full advantage of.

Martha Brae

Rafting on Martha Brae is the number 1 rafting attraction. It is located approximately three miles inland from the birthplace of Falmouth, 20 miles from Montego Bay and 40 miles from Ocho Rios. It is a recreational facility that includes picnic grounds, a service bar, souvenir shops, swimming pools, and modern restrooms. Persons are provided the source of on all-round tour on thirty-foot long bamboo rafts over a three miles stretch of the lovely Martha Brae River for an hour. However, before embarking on this tour guess are allowed to stroll through the “Miss Martha Brae’s Herb Garden”, where a presentation is given of Jamaica’s herbs and their famous medicinal and healing properties. On the tour, guests are taught the “Martha Brae legend” or given the chance to enjoy an exciting swim while sipping fine wine and the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding. The Martha Brae is perfect for a lazy day or a romantic getaway.

Dolphin Cove 

Swimming with dolphins should definitely be added to your bucket list when traveling to Jamaica. Dolphin Cove, located at the north coast of Jamaica, is surrounding by more than 5 acres of lush tropical rainforest. The friendly dolphins at the cove welcome visitors with their friendly demeanor welcomes all guests who are willing to take a swim.
Visitors can also interact with friendly sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat. Along with swimming, visitors are given the chance to pamper and feed each species while learning about their nutritional program. If walking through the park, visitors will experience all the magic that the park is surrounding which includes birds, iguanas and tropical plants and flowers which will make any nature lover fall in love. To top off its tropical surroundings, visitors can have a taste of the unique Jamaican coffee at the famous Star Buccaneers and also stop buy souvenirs at the Dolphin’s Cove boutique.


Pelican Bar

The Pelican bar is probably one of Jamaica’s most fine and unique attractions and is definitely something worth bragging about.
It is a tiny bar made of driftwood and stilted on a huge sandbar about ¾ mile out in the sea located in Parottee Bay on the South Coast of Jamaica. It is hands down the best bar in the world to eat, have a drink or chill with friends – all with the opportunity to take a swim.
To get there, visitors will have to take a 20 minutes boat to the middle of the ocean. Once there you can have plates of seafood like lobster or grab, have beer, sun-bath or have a swim in the shallow ocean.
What makes the bar even more unique is its inside which includes a variety of relics from all over the world brought there by visitor. So don’t forget to bring something special to add to the collection!
The bar was brought to life from a dream its owner, Floyd Forbes had about a dream of a bar out in the sea made of driftwood and coconut tree trunk driven into the sand back in 2001. Its name originates from the many pelicans that often rest on the sea’s sandbanks.