We are at the end of 2019 and like every other year, with Christmas right around the corner and a new year pend, other than shopping, wrapping gifts and going to church services people are now in the process of making new year’s resolutions. Indeed CIN has had many successes this year and is already looking forward to larger successes next year. Here are some of CIN’s highlights for this year. 

 Ziggie Bless was featured in Bayridge Nissan commercial after featuring the car brand on the “Come Chat Wid Mi” show. This decision was based on Ziggie’s popularity in New York which stems from his hard work and dedication as the host of “Come Chat Wid Mi”. 

This year’s CIN’s lecture series was very successful.  The CIN lecture series is held annually at the Schomburg Centre for Research and each year presents speakers who present topics that are based on current issues.  This year’s speaker was Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw who spoke on “The Search for Green Gold…Marijuana”. Minister Shaw shared information on Jamaica’s future in the Marijuana Industry and how Jamaica will ensure the benefits provided by the industry are reaped. Despite the rainy weather, over 200 persons attended the event. 

CIN continues to present to its audience new and great quality content such as the popular cooking show, “Nyammings”, comedies such as Oliver, Titus, and musical programs such as Magnum Kings and Queens, Dancing Dynamite, Digicel Rising Stars and many more. 

Despite our successes, we also lost one of the greatest playwrights, producer and director of all time, Paul Beale who has contributed immensely to the CIN platform his well written and presented plays, and soap operas. Despite his death, Beale’s creations will, however, continue to live-on on CIN TV. Some of our audience’s favourites are “Granny Rule”, “Joint Tenant”, “Like Father like Son”, “Den Den Come to Town”, “Bloodline” and many more. 

With these successes and lost, CIN thank you for your continued dedication to our TV platform. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!