The ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) has claimed victory in Trinidad and Tobago’s general elections held yesterday, August 10.

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley

Addressing the nation from Balisier House last evening, Prime Minister Rowley said the victory was a difficult one. It has not been, was not an easy win but the PNM stayed the course and once again has been called to provide the people of Trinidad and Tobago with good governance that it expects from the People’s National Movement. In a difficult situation PNM has been once again called to service for Trinidad and Tobago.”

Despite winning a second term in office, the Prime Minister hinted that the next couple of years will be difficult for the twin-island republic. “Our projections are that the next two years will be difficult, very difficult, but during that period we are required to do certain things that will put us in a better position to enjoy the rest of that future which is guaranteed to us,” Rowley said.

He also added that this may be his last time contesting a general election, saying he is “not one of those politicians who believe when you come into office, you should go out feet first.”

Rowley added, “This is my period to ensure that the young people I have been mentoring that they move into greater respo0nsibility during that period. So Trinidad and Tobago this is a period of transition but I will not shirk my responsibility to the people of Trinidad and Tobago who have elected me for this five year period.”