The Caribbean International Network (CIN) is proud to announce that our CEO, Stephen Hill, has received the Trailblazer Award at this year’s Business Innovators and Game-Changers (B.I.G.) Awards Gala. The event was held at the Mirelle’s Restaurant in Westbury, New York last Saturday evening.

Hill was awarded for his outstanding accomplishments in business and his strong commitment toleadership and service in the Caribbean community through CIN for the past

25 years. As a Trailblazer Hill, through CIN and other initiatives, has had an outstanding impact on Caribbean Culture in North America. CIN offers the Caribbean Diaspora a full range of news, sports, drama and music programming and has been measured as the most viewed Caribbean Channel in New York. The Hope Media Research Group which conducted the survey endorsed CIN as the “The Genuine Voice of the Caribbean.”

Upon receiving his award, Hill opened his acceptance speech by paying tribute to the late Horace Burrell, former President of the Jamaica Football Federation, whom he stated will go down in history for his great role in taking the Reggae Boyz to the 1998 World Cup in France.

He further commented on the significant contribution and strength of the diasporaespecially to the economic wellbeing of Jamaica as each year they send over US$2 billion in remittances, return to Jamaica in large numbersmaking up 12% in visitor arrivals and also contribute to education and health development in a big way. Hill encouraged the Jamaican Diasporato participate in the political process by having 3 representatives nominated in the senate: 2 from the government and 1 from the opposition. He said it can lead to a better government if we start lobbying seriously to achieve this objective.

The BIG Awards Gala is presented by WhereItzAt Magazine in association with the Caribbean American Leadership Foundation Inc. and this marks their fifth year since its inauguration. Inspired by Marcus Garvey, the event recognises and honours Caribbean and American leaders who   are Trailblazers, Innovators and Game Changers in their communities.