Gifts are apart of what makes Christmas the exciting season that it is. It is after all the season to give. Some people go as far as to plan gifts from November and sometimes even September. There are, however, some people who are terrible at giving gifts and are struggling to come up with gift ideas. They are probably now in the panicking stage because there are literally only a few days left. So here are a few gift ideas that CIN would love to share with you. They are not too expensive and very accessible. 

  • Our first gift idea is a letter or a Christmas card. This is probably not what you expected, but sometimes all a loved one needs to hear is how much they are appreciated and loved. They will be grateful that you took the time out of your schedule to write on how you feel about and appreciate them. What makes this a simple yet thoughtful gift is that you can make it from scratch with your own paper, glue, marker, and ruler. You don’t even need to visit a store if you have all the materials!














  • A handbag or a purse. This can be bought for your wife, sister or daughter. If you are having trouble finding one with great quality or one that you can afford you can simply ask another woman such as a family member or a friend. You can also use online shopping sites such as Amazon to find great quality and affordable bags.

















  • A new year diary. This is probably one of the most considerable gift for a person who loves to have his/her day organized and planned ahead. This gift is also significant because December means that a year is going to end and a new one is going to start which therefore means the person would be through with their old diary. 














  • A T-Shirt/Sweater. This is a great gift for people who love new clothes. You can easily find shirts or sweaters in local stores near you. You can also make this gift extra special by getting it in the person’s favourite colour.

















  • A Great Book! Never underestimate the power of sharing something to read. Go for hardback books whenever possible, and take advantage of  local bookstores because it might take a while for Amazon to deliver if you are shopping last minute. Once you find the perfect book, take a few minutes to write a note inside the front cover sharing your love for the book or your love for the person to whom you are giving the book. This is probably what will make the book extra special to that person. 








  • Christmas Fruit Cake or other Christmas Pastries. Like they say, “food opens the door to the heart”, so you can never go wrong with some yummy goodies. Simply wrap your pastry in a clear bag or box and secure it with a red bow tie and your result will be a gift that is very much appreciated.

















  • A Mason Jar. Mason jars are great for storing just about everything! Plus, they look cute on shelves and window sills. They can be used to store juice, jam or ice cream. They can also be painted, dipped in glitter glue, and wrapped in fabric or ribbon. You have endless possibilities for personalizing them!