CEO of VP records, Pat Chin

CEO of VP records, Pat Chin, celebrated over forty years of VP Records existence in the music industry last Friday night. The VP Records historical exhibition was launched and documented the Jamaican “Reggae Music” at the Jamaican consulate,  entitled, “A Reggae Music Journey.” 

Affectionately called Miss Pat, she spoke on her Reggae journey from her native land, 17 North Parade, Jamaica, to Jamaica, NY. 

A large number of Jamaicans, Caribbean nationals, and music lovers showed up to experience the wonderful display from the genesis to the evolution in Reggae.

Jamaica, the birthplace of Reggae Music in the nineteen sixties, was use to relate to news, social criticism and the political commentary that was deeply linked to the Rastafarian movement of the 1930’s.

VP records, now one of the top independent record labels, helps promote reggae to an international market. From its culture to its dancehall and soca music, VP crosses the spectrum of the Caribbean, delivering music under their slogan, ” VP Records: Miles Ahead in Reggae Music.” 

L-R Richard Liu, Consul General Allison Wilson, Pat Chin, Aron Talbert, Christopher Chin and Jennifer Valintine.