Christmas has passed but there are still many opportunities for us to dress up. This is especially so since New Year is just around the corner. Jamaicans are probably some of the most stylish people known and as they often say, “the real trendsetters”. This has especially been highlighted since the Christmas season. It is that time of the year when people spend the most getting the latest in the fashion industry. Summer was all about bright colours, sundresses, flower jumpsuits or crop tops and shorts for the hot weather paired with either sandals or sneakers. 

The new year is only a few days away and provides us another opportunity to dress up. There are still many people planning romantic dinners with their spouse, watch night at church on New Year’s Eve and family dinners to celebrate 2019 successes and 2020 anticipations. Here are a few tips to help you to stand out this season. 

DON’T be Afraid of Colours

Bold colours look GREAT on dark skin. Bright colours have been trending since summer and it is still a staple now. In parts of Jamaica such as Kingston, the temperature is the same or similar to that of summer and nobody wants to wear dull colours in a bright yet warm climate. People are often scared to wear bright colours because they fear they won’t have anything to pair them with. Neon, hot pink, yellow, red are bold fashion choices, especially when it’s on an entire jumpsuit or dress and that’s also what’s great about it ― you can throw on a hot pink suit and call it a day. Pair with sneakers or nice heels, and you’ve got yourself a look. 

Denim on Denim

Some might find this scary and unattractive, but a little edge can kill no one. I know the Jamaican weather might seem a bit too harsh for thick denim jackets but, you can always hop for a denim shirt instead that is a size bigger. you can add even more edge to this by rolling up the sleeves. Your denim top can be worn either with denim pants or shorts with black boots or sneakers.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are definitely among the top 2019 trends and can be looked forward to in 2020. It is best to get ones that are not too tight to enjoy the sassiness these jeans provide. They can be worn with leather jackets, crop tops, bomber jackets, or an open trench jacket, etc.


Jumpsuits will always be a staple in the fashion industry and have become even more popular. Paired with metallic hoop earrings and lovely heels on New Year’s Eve and you will not only stand out for the night or day, but, also look lovely in every picture taken.

Blazer dresses

Blazer dresses are great not only for office parties but, also for New Year Eve dinner or other occasions. Because of its flexibility, one can never go wrong. This can be paired with lovely heels and simple hairstyles such as a ponytail.

Other dresses

There are many dresses such as cute tulles or pencil dresses that can be worn this season. You’re provided with the option of either going bold or being simple.