James Haynes (Viewer in New York)

My name is James Haynes, the son of the late Jerome Haynes, OD better known as Jah Jerry who was a founding member of the great Skatatilite band. I just wanted to thank you for calling me this morning and taking the time from your hectic schedule to speak with me regarding my inquiry about your broadcasted program on CIN yesterday…..Journey to the Past, 1965. 


As indicated to you, I missed the mentioned program yesterday due to extenuating circumstances. But, I received approximately 16 calls from friends and colleagues who wanted me to know that they watched the program or who were eager to get my view of the program. They were stunned yet consoling when they learned that I had not seen the program. Of course, I was very disappointed and saddened. However, I thought if I could contact CIN and request a copy of the program it would be helpful and could lead to something positive. 


I am most thankful and grateful for your kindness and understanding in your approval of sending me a copy of the program. It means a lot to me and my family, especially my mother… to relive the experience of my beloved father. 



James Haynes

President & CEO

Jah Jerry, Inc.   

Andrew Collins

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